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We have devoted our practice to a comprehensive approach to construction, convinced that the competence of the architect lies in their ability to synthesize; a humanistic approach placed at the service of a demand for quality, regardless of the thematic program to which it applies: large public facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality, tertiary or housing in all its forms, from social housing to high-end private residences.

We continue on these paths and with these certainties, in a spirit of openness towards a world in perpetual change.

Stéphane Millet Architect and Scenographer, Founder
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Our expertise

Architecture and Engineering

  • Culture

    As precious to humanity as air or water, culture is the universal treasure upon which understanding and tolerance rest. We participate with passion in its development.

  • Scenography

    More than just a staging and inseparable from the architecture of cultural and entertainment venues, scenography is the mastery of sound, lights, and machinery.

  • Housing

    For housing, the original core of our profession, sociological changes, climate variations, and energy constraints provide ongoing opportunities to tackle enduring challenges.

  • Tertiary Hotel Industry

    As cross-cutting domains with high commercial demands, the tertiary sector and the hotel industry inspire us to develop constantly renewed solutions in both architecture and engineering.


  • Architectural Programming

    Programming is the essential mission of project management assistance, formulating the needs of an architectural project and all the conditions for their implementation.

  • Audit

    The expertise that we provide is based on a bundle of technical and architectural skills allowing us to establish the detailed condition of a construction.