We have dedicated our practice to a comprehensive approach to construction, convinced that the architect’s competence lies in their ability to synthesize; a humanistic approach placed at the service of a requirement for quality regardless of the thematic program to which it applies: large public facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality, tertiary or housing in all its forms from social housing to high-end private residences.

Covering the variety of these typological fields enriches them mutually through experiences, justifies the advisory role through prior engagement with the terrain, and develops a critical sense through the creation of programs, an activity we have developed to broaden our scope in service to the city. This creative abundance logically results in rigorous work on relevance, functionality, integration, and budgetary control. In addition to these objectives, we add the crucial goal of environmental respect, for which we have been advocating for over twenty years.

Our values are carried by a young, dynamic, and supportive team in an atmosphere of continuity and stability that guarantees their sustainability. Our consistency in upholding them culminates in the rare recurrence of 5 national awards under the title of “Rubans du Patrimoine” (Ribbons of Heritage). Such recognition confirms that the role of the architect goes beyond mere observance of functionality and performance to aim for true urbanity. This is particularly the case for cultural facilities, which we have specialized in, and whose influence in the heart of cities, regardless of their size, ensures a spirit of tolerance and a better living together.

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    Heritage awards


  • Stéphane Millet

    Eternal enthusiast, insatiable curious mind, compulsive creator—only cutting some Cevennes granite can tear him away from his work.

    Founder and CEO
    DPLG Architect - Scenographer
  • Perrine Millet

    Tutelary figure of the agency, Perrine gracefully and energetically oversees the delicate steering of our destinies.

    DPLG Architect
  • Gianluca Caputo

    Having steeped for a long time in the beautiful stones, fine wines, and Sicilian sun, this enthusiast dedicates all his energy to the performance venues, from the Italian-style theater to the lion's pit.

    HMONP Architect - Scenographer
  • Paul Millet

    A true convict of 3D, a computer deminer of repeat offenders, an untiring software troubleshooter, Paul reigns over our most obscure digital realms.

    DESA Architect - Graphic Designer
  • Bathilde Millet

    Wandering globe-trotter, unwavering supporter of humanitarian causes, Bathilde leaves her architectural works marked by a touch as unique as her laughter.

    DPLG Architect
  • Jean-François Force

    Relentless decipherer of the mysteries of construction, Jeff tirelessly carries his knowledge and elegance between Paris and Normandy.

  • Corinne Vuillet

    With one foot on the construction site and the other on her scooter, Corinne crisscrosses Paris, overseeing her operations with an unchanging sense of humor and contagious cheerfulness.

    HMONP Architect
  • Clément Toriellec

    A discreet athlete but an avid cyclist, Clément is ready to face the tides of his native Brittany and the tumults of his construction sites, fortified by his experiences in Boulogne.

    HMNOP Architect
  • Umut Kutkut

    Faced with the abundance of extroverted characters, a counterpoint was necessary. That role falls to Umut, who responds to every situation with the imperturbable moderation of astonishing composure.

    DE Architect
  • Pauline Bizard

    An architect and interior designer, this delightful character manages the creation of a performance venue as adeptly and cheerfully as the renovation of an apartment!

    DE Architect - Interior Architect
  • Aline Bodineau

    A lover of nature and Savoyard hikes, Aline, our most senior collaborator, dedicates her energy and experience to the housing sector.

    Interior Architect
  • Angela Martinez Gomez

    The perfect ethnic polyphony of our teams called for some refrains and an extra dose of Colombian conviviality. Angela generously brought them to us.

    DE Architect
  • Constance Thomire

    Meticulous and methodical, Constance cultivates art in all its forms, smoothly transitioning with equal grace from architecture to theater, from theater to exhibitions, and from exhibitions to travels.

    HMONP Architect
  • Mario Popoli

    Mario Popoli

    Carried by the South American winds, Mario reinforces our "culture" teams with a full supply of energy. A fan of dance and design, he'll make the décors dance!

    HMONP Architect
  • Mathilde Pouzol-Tardivat

    In the midst of the melee, with calm and mastery, our "fly-half" distributes all the balls with tact, judgment, and composure.

    Administrative and Communication Assistant
  • Georges Kafa

    An architect with a beard as dense as his skills, Georges calmly navigates through the most improbable technical or legal entanglements with his expertise.

    HMONP Architect
  • Sophie Ferrière

    Our lively Sophie is a bundle of joy, infusing her positive energy even into the approval of invoices. The entire administration of the housing department benefits from her infectious exuberance.

    Technical assistant

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