• City of Arras

  • €7,200,000 € ex-tax

  • 6 400 m² / 2 rooms : 936 and 880 seats

  • Core mission + DIAG + Signage

  • Clé Millet : Architect, graphist, scénographer and Construction and schedule supervision and coordination
    Siretec : Technical studies office
    Altia : Acoustics
    G. Tavart : cost consultant


Arras (62) - France

Rehabilitation and extension of the performance venue

Built in the 1920s in the city center, the Casino was originally intended to become a theater, a music hall, and, as its name suggests, a casino. The authorization to open the casino was never obtained, so the establishment was never able to fulfill that purpose. It became a cinema first and then a multidisciplinary venue. For this reason, despite its real potential, the facility was underutilized for a long time. Recognizing these facts and deficiencies in the areas of personal safety, accessibility, and comfort, the municipality decided to undertake rehabilitation works to address the issues that had made its use challenging until now.

Among these challenges, the complexity of technical access, which constituted a prohibitive obstacle, was overcome by the construction of an extension with a convenient lateral access. The creation of a second hall in the basement, independently accessible through the above-mentioned extension, allowed for the differentiation of functions and an opening to a broader audience.


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo