• City of Châtellerault

  • €4,400,000 ex tax

  • 1,300 m² / 380 seats

  • Core Mission + diagnostic+ Construction and schedule supervision and coordination + grant application

  • Clé Millet : Architect + Scenographer
    De St Jouan : Chief Architect of Historical Monument
    RTI + YAC : Fluid Technical Studies Office
    BET du Poitou : Structure Technical Studies Office
    Idéo : Acoustics
    Polytech : Schedule supervision


Châtellerault (86) - France

Rehabilitation and conversion of the Italian-style theater into an auditorium, creation of an Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center. A monument classified as a Historical Monument

The reopening of the former theater in Châtellerault, which had been disused since 1977, posed a dual challenge: the need to provide it with contemporary extensions and to reconcile its heritage preservation with the desire to have a modern production and dissemination tool.

Located in the city center, in a built urban context, it was crucial to integrate the extension seamlessly into its surroundings.

The “Rubans du Patrimoine” (Heritage Ribbons) have rewarded an exemplary effort where the classified facade is embedded in a contemporary envelope harmonized with the surrounding buildings through the use of a double-skin technology, creating reversed daytime and nighttime transparencies.


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo