• Conseil Régional de Bourgogne

  • €2,400,000

  • 1,500 m²

  • Core Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architecte and Scenographer
    PANTEC : Technical studies office - Fluids/Electricity
    Altia : Acoustics


Vézelay (89) - France

Rehabilitation of the former hospice into a center for professional musical practices

In the exceptional site of Vézelay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and just adjacent to the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Regional Council of Burgundy entrusted our firm with the rehabilitation and extension of the former hospice, intending to establish it as the Burgundy Vocal Arts Center.

This ambitious project involves the creation of an independent auditorium with a modular stage, two mixed rehearsal and performance rooms with a capacity of around a hundred spectators each, as well as several rehearsal studios.

This ensemble is complemented by a resource center, an administrative hub, a dining and socializing area, and several apartments for artist residencies. The integration work into the context of traditional architecture included the restoration of masonry structures using dry stone construction techniques and the development of several outdoor spaces into gardens.

The place, now renamed the ‘City of the Voice,’ is primarily animated by the Arsys Bourgogne group



Photos ©Martin Argyroglo