• City of Montmorency

  • €1,448,000 ex-tax

  • 450 m² / 162 people (seats) et 720 people (standing audience)

  • Core Mission + furnishing

  • Clé Millet : Architect, scenographer et schedule supervisor
    Pantec : Fluids technical studies


Montmorency (95) - France

Restructuring and creation of a multipurpose hall, a tourist office, a tea room, and associative offices.

It was about giving a second life to a set of technical workshops where the film ‘Gas Oil’ was shot in its time.

Converted into a versatile space for shows and events, this venue occupies a privileged location in the center of Montmorency, at the heart of the entire Château Gaillard. It also hosts the Tourist Office and associative offices.


The conceptual work involved a requalification of the preserved exterior architectural characteristics, while the interior layout underwent a complete overhaul.

Within an envelope elevated to a thermal performance level in line with RT 2012, various spaces are organized around an exhibition path that simultaneously serves as the safety and accessibility compliance system.


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo