• City of Saint-Malo

  • 1,025 m²

  • €1,540,000 ex-tax

  • Core Mission + DIAG +OPC + Fire safety

  • Clé Millet : Architecte & scenographer
    ECB : structure Technical studies and OPC
    Cetrac : Fluid technical studies & Fire safety
    Altia : Acoustics


Saint-Malo (35) - France

Rehabilitation of the former Surcouf cinema and creation of an independent Public Establishment (ERP) from the Saint-Servan Theater by the association of the Bouvet and Charcot halls

Nestled within the volume of the theater, these three spaces require a separate access from the adjacent theater entrance, providing them with clear visibility from the adjoining Bouvet square. The former Surcouf cinema is a disused hall with architecture reminiscent of the 1930s. Heavily damaged and not meeting current regulations, the vertical circulations to access it are completely redesigned, and the volume itself is treated to accommodate versatile functions, including performances and concerts, while preserving its aesthetic characteristics

The independence of the Charcot and Bouvet halls, in addition to the necessary technical interventions in terms of utilities, is ensured by the creation of a footbridge crossing the volume of the main staircase of the theater. Thus, it is possible for associations or other users of the premises to go to either of the three halls during simultaneous events, with a straightforward flow management


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo