• City of Saint-Malo

  • €3,200,000 ex-tax

  • 10,114 m²

  • Core Mission + EXE + Diag + scenography

  • Clé Millet : Architect & Scenographer
    ECB : general technical studies
    Mazier : electrical technical studies
    Hauguel-Caquière : HVAC technical studies
    Géosis : Geotechnical Engineering
    Idéo : Acousticien


Saint-Malo (35) - france

Renovation of the Grand Auditorium in the conference center

The intense international competition among European Congress Palaces compelled the City of Saint-Malo to upgrade a ‘flagship’ facility that fortunately complements the business tourism drawn by the city’s unique historical and natural setting.

Our team focused on enhancing security, accessibility, and the comfort of individuals. As a result, the Palais du Grand Large now boasts a prestigious hall where the capacity has increased from 700 to nearly 1,100 seats, offering exceptional conditions in terms of comfort, visibility, and acoustics: intercommunication between balconies, individual air conditioning, leather club seats, and more

This extensive intervention, completed in 8 months with the site in operation, was accompanied by a complete upgrade of access points and service logistics to align the site with the new capacity of the Palais, now capable of hosting 5,000 people.

The architectural approach resulted in a significant increase in volume, the creation of side boxes, and the addition of a third balcony. Extensive use of LED lighting enables overall control under the DMX protocol and adaptability to various event situations


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo