• Hôtel Cambon

  • €2,300,000

  • NC

  • Complete Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architect + Interior Architect


Paris (1th Arrondissement)

Renovation of the 33 rooms and hallways of the 4 stars Cambon Hotel

Complete renovation project for the rooms on each level (7 floors) and the hallways of this typically Haussmannian hotel, combining tradition and modernity.

The cornices, baseboards, and Toiles de Jouy are Haussmannian decorative codes that are modernized and paired with accessories with more contemporary notes.

A special care has been given to the choice of materials and furniture to find the perfect balance. The dialogue between these two periods preserves the character of the hotel in an innovative reinterpretation.


Photos ©Che-chia CHANG