• Hôtel du Continent

  • €2,500,000 ex-tax

  • 800 m²

  • Complete Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architect and Interior Architect
    Christian Lacroix : Decorator


Paris - 1er

Renovation of 25 rooms at the 3 stars Hotel du Continent

Complete renovation and compliance upgrade of a 27-room hotel following the acquisition of the ground-floor business (bar), including facade treatment.

The rooms, located on the upper floors, have been rearranged based on the complete refurbishment of technical installations and improvement of acoustic comfort.

Repairs to damaged wooden structures uncovered during the exposure of the floor plates were necessary

As for the public areas on the ground floor, the breakfast room now occupies the space of the original bar, which was initially separate from the hotel. This expansion significantly improved the reception area and provided more generous and conveniently located spaces for the staff (these offices were on the upper floor before the renovations).

The facade has been entirely restored. The intervention also involved the reconstruction, in consultation with the Architects of Historic Monuments, of the architectural design that was missing on the portion of the facade of the former bar.



Photos ©Isa Harsin