• City of Saint-Omer

  • €6,850,000 ex-tax

  • 4 630 m² / 367 seats

  • Core mission +DIAG + Fire Systems Design and Safety+ refurnishing + Construction and schedule supervision and coordination + grant application

  • Clé Millet : Architect, Interior Architect and Scenographer
    JCBA : Architecte du patrimoine
    Anne Elisabeth Rouault : Conservator
    Betem : Technical studies office
    Altia : Acoustics
    PBP : schedule supervision

SAINT OMER - the "coffee grinder"

Saint-Omer (62)

Restructuring of the town hall, restoration of the theater, creation of 2 commercial units and exhibition spaces

The municipality of Saint Omer wanted to transform the former City Hall into a major center for activities focused on culture.

This facility was then a unique case in Europe where, within a single architectural envelope, a town hall, an exhibition gallery, a police station, a theater, and historically, shops were amalgamated.

Its condition, along with the prolonged closure of the Italian-style theater within it, had led to underutilization of interior spaces, sanitary deterioration of the building, as well as a lack of compliance with certain standards.

The program allowed for the rehabilitation of all premises, the review of the building envelope, all electrical and HVAC networks, improvement of safety and accessibility conditions including the creation of vertical circulations, as well as the complete restoration of the theater: the auditorium, listed as a Historical Monument (seats, trimmings, chandeliers), and the stage area with its period machinery.

The rehabilitation works were rewarded with the National Heritage Ribbon award in 2019.



Photos ©Martin Argyroglo