• City of Dinard

  • €1,914,000 ex-tax

  • 5,745 m²

  • Core Mission + DIAG

  • Clé Millet : Architect + Scenographer
    ECB : structural technical studies
    Mazier : electrical technical studies
    Hauguel-Coquière : HVAC technical studies


Dinard (35) - France

Rehabilitation and Safety Enhancement of the Establishment, Creation of a Cinema Hall, and Renovation of the Swimming Pool.

Facing one of the most beautiful marine sites in Europe, the entire Palais des Arts et du Festival in Dinard unfolded its austere facades and outdated facilities.

Under the impetus of the municipality and following a call for tenders, our teams were entrusted with the complete rehabilitation of the site: Palais des Arts and Olympic swimming pool, with the aim of a radical transformation in line with the natural and urban context.

Safety and accessibility compliance measures provided an opportunity for a significant environmental effort characterized by a new architectural envelope of the External Thermal Insulation (ITE) type, giving the building a new, more dynamic identity. Here, the pulsations of inner life are expressed in the shimmering of luminous facades animated by programmable LEDs.




Simultaneously, the site has been equipped with a new direct access from the beach, a new 300-seat auditorium, and spacious modular exhibition areas.

It hosts internationally renowned exhibitions every year, as well as a British film festival.



Photos ©Charlotte Barraud et @Guy Chuiton