• Ville d'Epinay-sur-Seine

  • €2,700,000 € ex-tax

  • 2,269 m² 300 m² (exteriors)

  • Core Mission+ Schedule supervision

  • Clé Millet : Architect + Scenographer + schedule supervisor
    Pantec : Technical studies office - Fluids/Electricity
    ECB : Technical studies office - Structure
    Idéo : Acoustics


Epinay-sur-Seine (93) - France

Rehabilitation and Extension of the Music Hub. Enhancement of the main hall for cinema and contemporary music functions.

Combining a music conservatory with a performance venue capable of hosting dance and cinema, it was essential for this culturally significant regional hub to regain prominence befitting the activities it hosts.

We deliberately chose to employ an architectural vocabulary of a “Signal”, designed to rekindle the interest of neighboring municipalities and convey a contemporary image of dynamism and creativity. This external gesture is supported by an equally crucial opportunity in our eyes—to enhance energy performance through the addition of an insulated external skin combining polycarbonate and metal.





Despite constrained spaces, the main hall and annexes are equipped with state-of-the-art stage equipment approved by the CNC and feature meticulous acoustics, considering the close proximity to the RER line. The complementarity of the various components enables the sharing of functions while respecting functional autonomy compatible with the diverse operational constraints


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo