• SIA Habitat

  • €1,500,000 ex-tax

  • 1,374 m²

  • Core Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architect
    HEXA Ingénierie : Technical studies office


Lille Fives (59) - France

Construction of 17 housing units

The Boris Vian Development Zone (ZAC)” primarily involves the creation of a new connecting street between Lannoy and Pierre Legrand. This additional north-south axis extends from an existing small dead-end street, Rue de l’Espérance. It structures an expanded urban project encompassing nearby alleys and unifies a residential building program that outlines the boundaries of public developments.

In the backyard, the construction utilizes the depth of the plot by suggesting the development of private gardens as an extension of apartments located in the semi-basement: the ‘souplex.’ On the top floor, the inhabited volume is set back from the regular floors to form an attic volume.


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo