• City of Herblay

  • €240,000 ex-tax

  • 587 m² / 500 seats

  • Core Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architect & Scenographer


Herblay (95) - France


The restoration of the Roger Barat Theatre in Herblay primarily involves a complete recomposition of the auditorium due to its original misalignment, where the grandstand does not align with the stage (complicated by asymmetrical aisles). The objectives include:

  • Reconfiguring the entire grandstand with a metal structure that creates new isolated storage spaces underneath, treating the lateral structures in cantilever to avoid reducing the number or width of exits.
  • Providing the new system with easily removable rows of orchestra seats
  • arranging the new assembly in compliance with the new accessibility regulations
  • refurbishing the air handling equipment, supply and exhaust, in order to optimize audience comfort

The operation also provided an opportunity to establish a new color code for the venue, adjust its decoration accordingly while incorporating acoustic devices that were previously too visible.


Photos ©Martin Argyroglo