• Interplages Immobilier

  • €130,000 ex-tax

  • Complete Mission

  • Clé Millet : Architect
    LOISON Company : Masonry
    HUE Company : Paint
    GUERARD Company : Carpentry - interior fitting
    Steph ELEC Company : Electricity
    ESNAULT Company : roofing - zincwork


Trouville-sur-Mer (14) - Normandy

Renovation of a building from the 1920s, including the restoration of the porch and staircase steps.

The CMI firm acts as the co-ownership architect, and in this capacity, it has successfully carried out the following interventions:

  • Façade renovation to match the original style after the restoration of half-timbering.
  • Replacement of balconies and balcony boxes.
  • Restoration of private components (shutters and windows)


  • Rehabilitation of common interior areas, lobby, and staircase