• Ville de Paris

  • €669,000

  • 1,100m²

  • Core mission + DIAG + schedule supervision

  • Clé Millet : Architect, scenographer and schedule supervision
    ECB : Technical studies office
    CETRAC : Technical studies office for electricity and HVAC
    Altia : Acoustics


Paris - 8th Arrondissement

Renovation of the Renaud Barrault Hall at the Rond-Point Theater

Faced with the obsolescence of the roofing structures of the hall and the incomplete stage equipment, it was essential to update them, ensuring that the entire structure had the functional and structural load-bearing characteristics compatible with its permanent use.

A 3D scan of the entire building allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the structural issues and pathologies.

Thanks to this exhaustive diagnosis, it was possible to provide the most appropriate solutions, including:

  • The creation of a new hall bridge in conjunction with the modernization of the existing one. These two pieces of equipment, essential for conducting shows, are now directly accessible from the technical grid.
  • The refurbishment of a significant portion of fluid and electrical networks.
  • The refurbishment of dimmers and graduated networks.
  • The complete refurbishment of the cover dome of the hall using walkable Kerto.

The implementation of these works was carried out during the off-season months of July-August within a particularly short timeframe, during which Clé Millet scheduled the work in addition to the core mission.


Photos ©Che-chia CHANG