Rehabilitation of the Chapel at the Regional Conservatory of Tours

Tours (37) - France

Rehabilitation including the renovation of the Chapel in the context of listed buildings to provide the CRR with a space for creation and diffusion. The Regional Conservatory of Tours occupies a campus that includes, in addition to the conservatory itself, a middle school, a high school, and a specialized music education center.

The renovated chapel is designed to host creations in the fields of Dance, Music, and Image, with possibilities for contemporary transversalities. The intervention includes the restoration of the “closed-covered” structure, including the framework; the restoration of stained glass windows and their adaptation to acoustic constraints, the installation of heating and ventilation functionalities, and the implementation of a program of stage equipment allowing a rapid transformation of the chapel from one configuration to another.

These distributive configurations are made possible by retractable gallery elements. Acoustic configurations (especially modulation of the reverberation time) are made possible by the following variables:

  • Mobile drapes on the lower walls
  • Absorbent coating on the stone eardrums
  • Sound absorbers on the continuous technical grid
  • Curtains for the obscuration of stained glass windows

Project Owner: City of Tours

Design Team:

Lead Architect: Clé Millet

Scenographer: Clé Millet Structural

Engineering: HR Conseils

Project Management and Economist: MIT

Fluid Engineering: YAC Ingénierie

Acoustic Consultant: Altia